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Kees van der Westen "the best espresso machine in the world"

Kees van der Westen Mirage espresso machine
The only machine you should look at if you would only consider serving the very best coffee made from the very best coffee beans, on the very best espresso machine.

fiamma a range of professional machines

fiamma COMPASS espresso machine
The range combines practical features with solid manufacturing to create an affordable choice of 1, 2, 3 and 4 group espresso machines ideal for use in coffee shops, hotels, restaurants and catering outlets of all sizes...

la Spaziale Italian handmade beauty

la Spaziale S5 espresso machine
Unique cutting edge technology paired with Italian handmade beauty, La Spaziale's unrivalled range of espresso machines cover all requirements and budgets.

Second-hand and Refurbished Espresso Machines

From time-to-time we have customers who upgrade their machines and we take their equipment in part-exchange.

We presently have the following machines...

  • 2 group fiamma espresso machine - Compact - SOLD
  • 2 group fiamma espresso machine - Atlantic tall - POA


Mahlkoenig VARIO AIR Professional Grinder

Mahlkoenig / Mahlkonig Vario Air Bean Grinder
  • Freshly ground portion grinding directly into the portafilter
  • Backpanel with fan and air slots
  • 100% increase of maximum daily output without overheating of the motor

Mahlkoenig VARIO Home Grinder

Mahlkoenig / Mahlkonig Vario Bean Grinder
  • freshly ground portion grinding espresso, filter & french press
  • super-quiet operation
  • 54mm ceramic burrs

water treatment units

In the south of the UK, the mains water is very hard which causes limescale and damage to equipment, especially espresso machines.

Water Treatment Unit For all drinks equipment

Water treatment Units for Coffee Machines and Espresso Machines

Our CTU systems utilise a food grade ion exchange media and a 5 micron carbon block final filter. This combination meets the highest standards for the taste and odour requirements for food and potable water applications. In hard water areas a CTU is essential to help minimise costly service bills and to help minimise machine break downs.

how to clean your espresso machine

We have produced our own short video to help you with the daily cleaning of your espresso machine.

You will need a few simple tools, including a pallo (cleaning) brush and de-tanning powder, and just a few minutes of your time. Doing this cleaning routine every day (plus a few interim back-washes) will keep your machine clean, hygienic, and will help minimise future service bills caused by things like blockages, wear and damage to rubber seals, and scale build up (but make sure you also read the information on our Water Treatment units).


If you are having problems with your current espresso machine, take a look at our espresso machine troubleshooting guide.

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