fiamma espresso machines

The wide range of fiamma espresso machines combine practical features with solid manufacturing to create an affordable choice of 1 group, 2 group, 3 group and 4 group espresso machines ideal for use in coffee shops, hotels, restaurants and catering outlets of all sizes.

fiamma icon Compass

With smooth and elegant lines the Compass espresso machine combines design and state-of-the-art technology, giving the barista perfect control over the infusion characteristics....

2 Group from £3040+vat
 or £27.50+vat per week


fiamma icon Caravel

A reliable, powerful machine that prepares excellent espresso. Built with high quality components and robust materials, the Caravel is very durable. Available in a wide range of...

2 Group from £1999+vat
 or £18.00+vat per week


fiamma icon Marina

Small and elegant, the Marina is ideal for coffee shops, office bars and small businesses that demand a perfect espresso. Fully equipped with steam wand and...


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