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We have a wide range of filter coffees to suit every taste and budget with each cup costing as little as 7½p.

Filter coffee equipment

our filter coffees

Kenya SINGLE ORIGIN 50 x 60g

Kenya filter coffee
Bright, complex berry flavour with natural sweetness and an intense acidity

Concorde Blend DARK ROAST 50 x 85g

Concorde Blend filter coffee
Chocolate and sweet fruit flavours a plenty with a tarte, jam like finish

Colombia SINGLE ORIGIN 50 x 60g

Colombia filter coffee
Smooth, well balanced with a sharp acidity

Carnival Blend SPECIALITY BLEND 50 x 50g

Carnival Blend filter coffee
A great combination of sweet, clean and low acidity. Light bodied, easy drinker.

Voltaire Blend SPECIALITY BLEND 50 x 50g

Voltaire Blend filter coffee
Floral and citrus flavours are present in every sip, swiftly followed by a clean, light bodied after-taste.

Brazil SINGLE ORIGIN 50 x 60g

Brazil filter coffee
Chocolate and nut like sweetness with a heavy body and low acidity.

Caffe Ethical FAIRTRADE 50 x 50g

Caffe Ethical filter coffee
Simple and balanced with a soft acidity and heavy mouthfeel

Unleaded DECAFFEINATED 50 x 50g

Unleaded (decaf) filter coffee
Clean and fruity with lots of flavour

filter coffee equipment

We offer on-loan filter coffee machines allowing you to serve great quality, freshly brewed coffee to your staff and customers at very low cost - each cup costs as little as 7½p.

* The small print: on-loan coffee machines are provided subject to the regular purchase of coffee exclusively from Qualitasse. We expect orders averaging 1 case per month. Minimum spend per order is £50.

Bravilor MONDO hand-fill

Bravilor filter coffee machine

The filter coffee machine for locations without a water connection.

Delivered with 2 decanters and 1 stainless steel filter pans.

Model with 1 brewing system and 2 hot plates.

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