Gorgeous Coffee in Hampshire

For Gorgeous Coffee in Hampshire (and throughout the UK) look no further...

We have been developing, blending and roasting gorgeous coffee here at Qualitasse since 1982 - to see just a small selection of our range of coffee beans click here.

We have an over-riding desire and passion for supplying coffee, coffee equipment, coffee accessories, spare parts and all the quality coffee products available which form part of the world which relies on the good old "espresso" as its base.

We stock an extensive range of coffee machines, accessories and spare parts, from a single group seal to a new boiler and everything in between!

As a family-run business, we take great pride in delivering the highest possible level of service, with fast delivery and a guarantee to our customers that we are working on their behalf while being profitable enough to keep going. We work with suppliers who we believe are honest, fair, respectful and have a strong belief in teamwork to get the best results for all parties.

A Gorgeous Coffee from Qualitasse Coffee Roasters in Hampshire
Gorgeous Coffee picker, although, not in Hampshire this time !
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