EGRO Next Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machine for offices

The EGRO NEXT TOP MILK Bean-to-Cup Machine from Rancillio

Italian Design – Built in Milan

The EGRO NEXT bean-to-cup machine is the new frontier in fully automatic coffee machines. Featuring stylish ergonomic design, the EGRO NEXT is intuitive, easy to use and to clean.  It guarantees a top quality in-cup result for all types of hot or cool coffee, milk and powder-based drinks. EGRO NEXT has been designed mainly for use in hotels, fast food outlets, convenience stores, service stations, cafes and self-service facilities. Selected products are placed in a queue, making it possible for any drink on the list to be brewed earlier or later or to be cancelled or new drinks to be added. Water and Steam can be delivered simultaneously.

  • Different Temperature and Frothing Levels
  • Cold Milk Foam
  • 6.5 litre Fridge
  • Fast, Simple Guided Daily Cleaning Cycle
  • Can Produce one drink at a time for Self Service
  • Drinks Brewed Counter
  • Steam Wand
  • External Water Spout
  • Extendable Water Wand
  • Operating Space lit by LED Lights 


Multiple Screen Mode

Offers different configurations that can be personalised and programmed at will. For example it can be set up for self service at breakfast time and returned to traditional mode at lunch and dinner time.

Self Adjusting Grinder

Capable of correcting any in-cup quality caused by uncontrollable external factors.

4 Tea

Providing different programmable water temperatures and dosages for tea and other herbal infusions.


Technical Features

Espresso (cups / hour): 125/205
Cafe Creme (cups / hour):109/140
Cappuccino (cups / hour):129/2017
Hot Water (cups / hour):186
Recommended Daily Output (cups / day):250
Energy loss per day [kWh]:1,873

Dimensions (W x D x H): 300×575×770 mm / 11.8×22.6×30.3 in
Weight: 57 kg / 125.7 lb
Power Supply (phases ~ Volt): 1N ~220V-240V
Power Rating (kW): 3.6 kW / 6 kW

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