The WMF 1500S+ is the entry-level for professional coffee indulgence

It offers a wide variety of specialities, consistently high quality, space-saving design, optimal reliability, user–friendliness and excellent price-performance ratio.

With the “Dynamic Milk System” preparing the latest trendy drinks like cold-milk foam drinks, is just as easy as creating the classic latte, macchiato or cappuccino.

Above all, the WMF 1500S+ puts the highest quality drinks just the touch of a button away !

  • Easy upkeep
    You can carry out basic maintenance tasks yourself, keeping regular service costs down.
  • Eight beverage buttons over six levels
    Up to 48 beverages in either single or double sized cups can be programmed in.
  • Small, Medium & Large Functions
    Each desired drink is simply matched to the various pre-defined filling volumes.
  • Slim by design
    Taking up less room thanks to its exceptionally sleek dimensions, providing more installation options for the machine, as well as possible add-on combinations.
  • Steam Jet / Steam Shower
    Brings every cup to the correct temperature in a matter of seconds for the finest quality coffee.
  • Clear signals
    The illuminated side panels serve as visual indicators for operation modes.


Recommended daily/max. hourly output*
up to 180 cups
Nominal output / power supply
2,75 – 3,25 kW / 220 – 240 V
Hourly output according to DIN 18873-2 for Espresso
124 cups
Hourly output according to DIN 18873-2 for Café Crème
96 cups
Hourly output according to DIN 18873-2 for Cappuccino
124 cups
Hot water outlet
143 cups
Cold milk beverages
Features Easy Milk or Dynamic Milk
Cold milk foam beverages
Features Dynamic Milk
Energy loss per day according to DIN 18873-2
1,29 / 1,37 kWh
Coffee bean hopper
right side approx. 650g, centered approx. 550g
Chocolate or topping hopper (optional)
approx. 1200g
Dimensions (width / height** / depth)
325 / 675 / 590 mm
Water supply
Water tank (approx. 4 liter) or fixed water supply
Empty weight depending on configuration
approx. 35kg
Continuous sound pressure level (LpA)***
< 70 dB (A)

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