It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that we let you know of the passing of our father, friend, companion and colleague, Brian Layton.

Father to Catherine and Angie.

Companion to Catherine’s and Angie’s mother, Susan, who was also most recently, for want of another word, his carer.

Friend of too many people to list here, but notably John Rowcroft, who he worked with over 40 years ago, and continued to see socially on a very regular basis.

A colleague to everyone at Qualitasse, the business he started over 35 years ago, by selling filter coffee from the boot of his car. Staff have come and gone over those years, but we can be certain every one of them will have a story about an experience or two they had with Brian, which they will never forget.

Very much a people person, Brian had the ability to have a great knowledge of most subjects that anyone could come up with, from geography to history, water treatment to eco building. Even if you had a different opinion, the chances are you would part on good terms with a smile because he would always turn the conversation round so you felt in agreement.

Passionate about Qualitasse, when building the business he would be first to arrive to turn the lights on and welcome the staff, and he would be the last to leave to wish them well on their way. He always said he wasn’t clever, but that he just worked longer hours than most. But he was clever – he nurtured the right people to help run the business. He cared about them, and found the perfect balance between being the boss and being your buddy.

So here we are today, missing him greatly, but ready to continue with his legacy which is a thriving coffee business, with a great customer base, quality products and a loyal hard working group of people to ensure its continued success.

Thanks BJL. Let’s hope there are enough cakes wherever you are, to keep you properly fed.