100% Biodegradable

100% Compostable   

100% British Made


Natures Cup is the perfect environmentally friendly alternative to conventional disposable / takeaway cups. Even if these cups are not composted, there is NO PLASTIC, so however they are disposed of, no plastic will be added to our rivers and oceans (or mountains !).


Natures Cups are Made in the UK, NOT China, so they are very low carbon footprint because they do not travel thousands of miles around the world to get to their final destination – unlike many other “eco” takeaway / disposable cups on the market.


Natures Cup Compostable and Biodegradable Takeaway Cup

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NB: We have designed these cups to be “non-specific” in their branding, so whether you are a coffee shop, hotel, restaurant or caterer, anyone wanting to find out more by looking at the cup will be referred to www.naturescup.co.uk rather than to Qualitasse.

Why not get your own-brand Biodegradable cups?

Your logo and message with a minimum order of only 10,000 cups !

PLUS, we offer our coffee customers free cup storage

PLUS, you can pay half now, with the balance on delivery of your first order.

Single colour or full colour - so print a seasonal message, or print your logo, or print a whole photo - the choice is all yours !

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Seasonal Takeaway Compostable / Biodegradable cups...

Limited edition in 12oz - only £53 for 500 (compostable lids available)


Custom printed 100% biodegradable coffee cups double wall takeaway cross section

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