A great filter coffee machine for locations without a water connection, including reception areas, meeting rooms and board rooms, and even busy offices where a constant flow of great tasting coffee is appreciated…

Key Features

  • Delicious, fresh filter coffee (if you don’t let it stew too long)
  • High-quality stainless steel, combined with black sections to give the machine a clean modern appearance
  • The machine can be manually filled with water and therefore it can be placed anywhere
  • The water indicator tells whether the machine has been filled
  • Self-regulating hot plates to preserve the optimum quality of the coffee
  • Signals indicate when the coffee is ready and when the machine needs descaling
  • A capacity of 18 litres per hour (144 cups) with each jug serving 12 cups of filter coffee (so 24 with two jugs supplied)
  • Fast brew time of just 5 minutes
  • 195mm (w) x 406mm (d) x 446mm (h)
  • 230V – 50/60Hz – 2140W

We offer these filter coffee machine without a rental cost to you, and with NO CONTRACT – you simply purchase your filter coffee from us at the agreed prices and can keep the equipment for the duration.  Any issues with the equipment and we will swap it over for you.

Free filter papers provided with each box of filter coffee.

Please ask about plumbed-in versions, twin units, and separate hot plates.


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