Kees van der Westen Mirage 2 Group Espresso Machine

The Mirage was born from the desire to create a machine that combines all the knowledge about the E61 system to realise a highly precise machine.

The update of the well-proven “E61” type thermo-syphon system with a high temperature stability and beautiful pre-infusion.

The Mirage’s heating system is based on the so-called thermo-syphon system. It consists of one large copper boiler (13ltr for the Duette, 19ltr for the Triplette) and equipped with a heat-exchanger for each group, running vertically slanted across the boiler. 55 Years after its creation the E61 thermo-syphon system can still very much be considered a technically highly elegant system. The thermal efficiency especially impresses and easily surpasses the popular multi-boiler systems – the multi boiler system can technically be regarded as rather run of the mill !

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