The 1500 is the model of choice for professional coffee indulgence offering a wide variety of specialities, consistently high quality, space-saving design, optimal reliability, user–friendliness and excellent price-performance ratio.

With the Dynamic Milk System, preparing the latest trendy specialities such as cold milk foam beverages, is just as much child’s play as creating the classic latte macchiato or cappuccino.

  • Up to 180 cups per day
  • 8x2 drink options
  • 650g hopper capacity (each)
  • 2.75-3.5kW
  • 24 litres per hour hot water output
  • 1.2l steam boiler
  • 325mm(w) x 675mm (h) x 590mm(d)
WMF 1500 bean to cup machine

Who is the WMF 1500S designed for?

Many catering establishments with low to medium demand for coffee, for example bakeries or bistros, prepare culinary delights for their customers every day. The 1500S will compliment these delights with the high quality coffee specialities it can offer, bringing back customers wanting more.

Is quality priority?

Absolutely. The 1500S reflects the gastronomic concept, mirroring the high build quality in the detail. Ensuring the finest coffee is served will only make the experience of the establishment even better!

What makes the WMF 1500S so special?

The WMF 1500S sets the professional standard for coffee enjoyment. It offers a wide choice of specialities, consistent quality, space-saving design, reliability, easy operation and great value for money. With the Dynamic Milk system, making coffee is child’s play, from traditional Latte Macchiato and Cappuccino to the latest trends like iced coffee. The WMF 1500S makes coffee truly scrumptious.

Smells like a great business opportunity

Food and drink should be appealing. That is why the WMF 1500S is based on enjoyment. It perfectly rounds off those little everyday moments of gastronomic pleasure. The fully automatic machine does not only prepare high-quality coffee specialities for customers, but also makes life easier for your staff. Let the 1500S take the stress for your staff, by preparing many drink options tailored to your customers. That smells like a great business opportunity!.

Enjoyment all the way

People are attracted by taste. Customers come in to enjoy their breaks, from the initial friendly welcome and fresh food through to a delicious cup of coffee. That is where the WMF 1500S comes in. It prepares professional coffee to a consistently high professional standard, while the Dynamic Milk system enables you to make a variety of coffee creations. Let the 1500S work its magic and make every day just that little bit more enjoyable.

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