for the workplace

Filter Coffee for the small office or meeting room

Coffee for the work place
We have a wide range of filter coffees for the work place and can even work with you to select and blend your own which we will roast for you...

Coffee Beans single origin & blends

Coffee beans
Speciality, seasonal coffees, single origin and blends, for espresso, filter and cold brew

Staff Experiences reward your staff with free courses

Staff incentive schemes
Incentivise your staff and offer a course on latte art or coffee roasting as a reward for their performance, from 3 hours to a full day...

our roaster

Coffee Roaster : Hampshire
Coffee Roaster 2 : Speciality Green Beans
Coffee Roaster 3 : Small Batch Roasting
Coffee Roaster 4 : Single Origins and Blends

We can work with you to develop and roast your own blend, unique to you, for use in an espresso machine, bean-to-cup machine or as a filter coffee...

some of the brands we work with

for the barista
for the workplace
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