BRITA Water Filter for Commercial Coffee Machines

Let us come and install a Brita Water Filter for Your Espresso Machine

A cup of coffee is 98% water

If your water isn't perfect - how can your coffee be ?

How will fitting a Brita water filter to your commercial espresso machine benefit you?

We have been supplying and servicing commercial espresso machines, along with coffee and consumables since 1984 and have seen machines that have used incorrect filtration, or even no filtration, and the resulting costs of repairs on the espresso machine can be significant and sometimes results in the machine being condemned – and this can happen quite quickly even on a brand new equipment.

Improved COFFEE taste & aroma

Water impacts the taste, aroma and appearance of coffee significantly. With a correctly installed BRITA filter, we are able to achieve the perfect blend based upon your unique water requirements.

Sustainable filtration

Sustainability is at the heart of everything Qualitasse does and we have selected Brita filters because they are 100% recyclable and Brita have a dedicated Green Team and a Zero Waste to Landfill policy.

Water filtration doesn’t have to cost the Earth.

Equipment protection

Scale forms when calcium combines with carbonate and the impact of this on your espresso machine is a disaster leading to machine breakdowns.

When we install your filter we carry out a water hardness test to ensure you have the right filter installed and commissioned correctly.

Brita water filter and softener for commercial espresso machines
“Helping coffee shops, restaurants, hotels and food service business of all types and sizes is our main business mission. We will improve your water quality and your coffee and continue to support you with help and advice where needed.”
Michael O'Neill, Managing Director

Is water quality really that important for you and your espresso machine ?

The national news continues to regularly report on the UK’s water quality, with some reports focussing on the effect of global warming, increased rainfall, failing sewage systems, poorly maintained infrastructure and the possible presence of various contaminants in our tap water, from plastic to contraceptives !

From Loughborough University

Almost all of the UK’s waterways are polluted. In 2022, a House of Commons Committee report on the state of UK rivers concluded that no river in England was free from chemical contamination. Only 14% of UK rivers had a “good” ecological status.

Key Filter Features

  • Trusted BRITA Systematic Filter Technology decarbonises water in four steps:

    1 Pre-filtration
    A pre-filter retains coarse particles.

    2 Carbonate hardness reduction
    Filter medium reduces carbonate hardness to reduce limescale formation.

    3 Activated carbon filtration
    All water – including bypass water – runs through an activated carbon filter to reduce taste and aroma impairing substances.

    4 Fine filtration
    Finally, a fleece retains remaining fine particles.

    IntelliBypass technology
    The unique IntelliBypass technology allows for a constant by-pass water rate irrespective of the volumetric flow. This ensures a consistently high water quality, particularly in case of low water throughput rates.

Time to upgrade your water filtration...

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