Espresso machine extraction coffee grind guide

What does your extraction look like when making a coffee from your commercial espresso machine ?

This video was taken on a 2 group espresso machine being a coffee machine for commercial use (not a home machine or bean to cup).

If your grinder is set so the grind is too course, you will get a very fast extraction, lots of air bubbles, uneven timing and a short extraction time (i.e. less than 20 seconds) so your espresso shot is under extracted tasting weak and lacking flavour.

If your grinder is set so the grind is too fine, you will find your espresso machine struggles to get the water through the coffee, so your extraction will be very slow (i.e. longer than 30 seconds), possibly just a dribble and the shot is harsh and acidic, or “bitter”.

If you get the grind just right, and with the correct amount of coffee, your espresso shot will take around 25 seconds and produce a lovely crema and be strong with a well balanced enjoyable flavour.

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