Quick and simple guide to coffee tamping

This is a very basic guide to coffee tamping on your commercial espresso machine and is not meant to be a definitive way to correctly tamp your espresso coffee.  There are many factors that will affect your espresso including the age and quality of your coffee beans (including how long have they been out of the bag), the grind (course or fine) the quantity of ground coffee being used, the pressure of the tamping process, and lots, lots more… but here goes;

  • Extract the coffee into the pan
  • Place the pan on the tamper mat ensuring you do not bend the spouts (note the position of the pan in the video) 
  • Place the tamper on the coffee and give it an initial tamp
  • Tap the tamper on the side of the pan to settle any excess coffee
  • Tamp again with a straight arm feeling the pressure all the way to your elbow
  • Make an espresso and check the extraction, adjust the grind if necessary and repeat until you get the perfect espresso.

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