Izzo Pompeii Italian Commercial Lever Espresso Machine

100% Made in Italy and supplied from our UK stock
Automatic water level regulation
Gas option for stand-alone coffee service
Boiler drain tap
Provides the very best coffee extraction on the market
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The Izzo Pompeii Italian professional commercial lever espresso machine is built in Rome, Italy and brings the very best theatre & style to your espresso service…

  • Chrome Lever Group Heads
  • Two Steam Arms
  • Hot Water Spout
  • Cup Warmer
  • No Need To Back-Flush System
  • Ultimate Group Head Pre-Infusion

Silent operation

The machine does not need a motor. Brew pressure is obtained mechanically by the lever group piston; however, a rotary pump with professional external motor is available in case of low pressure at the water mains or the external water tank in mobile coffee bars.


Even in the event of a malfunction of the level regulator or the solenoid valve the machine will continue working, thanks to the manual water inlet. There are no electronic components, so the probability of any malfunction is reduced to a minimum.

Professional lever diameter 53 mm

Water and steam wands with anti-scalding insulation

Pressure switch

1 group – 5 litre
2 groups – 12 litre
3 groups – 18 litre
4 groups – 24 litre

You can customize your Pompei from the different options available and make it unique of its kind.

See the manufacturers web site: caffeizzo.it/professional-machines/pompei

Also Available as a Package…

  • Pompeii Standard 2 Group Commercial Lever Espresso Machine
  • Eureka 65 Fast on Demand Grinder with Counter and Hanger
  • Under Grinder Knock out Box
  • Large Water Softener
  • Economy Button
  • 2 x 500ml Stainless Steel Frothing Jugs
  • Tamping Mat
  • Motta Tamper
  • Installation, Training and 1 Year Parts and Labour Warranty

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