Van Houten Hot Chocolate Instant Cocoa Powder 1Kg


Van Houten Instant Cocoa Powder Hot Chocolate

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Van Houten Hot Chocolate Instant Cocoa Powder  – Wholesale 10 x 1Kg

Discover the pleasures of delicious cocoa and chocolate drink powders, perfected for vending machines of all makes and types.

Discover the world-famous Van Houten taste.

With excellent machine functionality, no clogging and incredible ease, you’ll experience first-class flavours and consistent quality in every cup.

We offer the Van Houten Dark Chocolate powder – No chocolate lover can resist this selection, adding a new dimension to chocolate pleasure – discover this smooth milky treat topped with deliciously soft foam. For every type of chocolate drink lover, at every time of day.

Van Houten Hot Chocolate

Casparus Van Houten changed the world of chocolate in 1828 in Amsterdam…  inventing the hydraulic cocoa press. He separated cocoa liquor from cocoa butter for the first time, revolutionising cocoa !