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Winter Warmer

Our Winter Warmer Hot Chocolate Box offers a fantastic range of lovely goodies to help you with your winter drinks menu - including point-of-sale posters and leaflets to help promote the drinks to your customers, and free samples !

Contact us for more information
Seasonal Drink Ideas
Seasonal Coffeee Drink Ideas - Pumpkin Spice Latte

We have produced a series of seasonal drink idea postcards, for your inspiration...

Seasonal Drink Ideas

Coffee Machines, Coffee Beans, Filter Coffee and more...

Chances are, if you are looking for coffee machines, filter coffee, coffee beans, coffee machine repairs, or machine maintenance, or drinks consumables, or barista training... we can offer a service to suit your needs and budget. It's a minefield - so just give us a call (we answer our phones within 3 rings - put us to the test - 01256 300 050).

Barista Training

We get a lot of web site visits from people looking for Barista Training - so if that's you - click Barista Training to find out more or alternatively, have a look at our online barista training guide to get you started.

Coffee Van

Artisan Coffee Van for hireOur Artisan Coffee Van is available to hire, either as-is, or with a barista or two.... It has been equipped with a 2 group traditional espresso machine and bean grinder, which we have been supplying to coffee shops, hotels, restaurants and catering outlets for over 20 years.

Find out more about our Artisan Coffee Van at (opens in a new window).

The Pink Place Charity

The Pink Place is a registered charity who assists with the well-being of people who have experienced cancer in the North Hampshire area.

Qualitasse are pleased to be providing support through coffee supplies and helping out at events like their launch event last year, attended by the Mayor and Mayoress...

Visit The Pink Place Web Site (opens in a new window)

We supply a wide range of coffee machines, from filter coffee to professional espresso machines...
We have coffee beans and filter coffee for all tastes. We supply both top-name brands and our own blends...
We stock a wide range of paper cups (including Thermo Ridge cups) and stirrers, sugar sticks, flavourings etc...
We have our own fully trained in-house engineers, and we can offer our coffee buying customers service discounts...
Coffee Machine Rental

In the present economic climate capital expenditure is a tricky subject, but QUALITASSE can help companies of all sizes with their coffee equipment, whether it's a coffee machine rental, a coffee machine lease or even a loan coffee machine (requires a minimum purchase of coffee).

Office Coffee Machine Rental

If you are in an office looking for an affordable good quality drinks system, give us a call to discuss the options. We have everything from filter coffee machines to bean-to-cup coffee machines. Give us a call on FREEPHONE 0800 975 0433 or 01256 300 050, or complete the contact form on the right of the page.

Hotel / Restaurant / Catering Coffee Machine Rental (HORECA)

We have provided coffee equipment, coffee beans and an outstanding service to businesses needing professional espresso machines, training and support, for over 25 years. We have our own barista training school and have some of the best rates available for espresso machine leasing. We supply, deliver, install and support, and offer heavily discounted machine servicing and repairs for our coffee buying customers. Speak to us today on FREEPHONE 0800 975 0433 or 01256 300 050, or complete the contact form on the right of the page.

NEW - Affordable Small Batch Professional Coffee Roasters !

small batch shop front coffee roasters

Qualitasse have been researching small batch shop front coffee roasters for over two years now, and have had the one shown in the picture, fully operational in our warehouse, where we've been experimenting with a range of green beans, single origin and blends, to better understand the process, the roaster and most importantly, the results.

Contact us if you would like to find out more.

STOP PRESS - A new range of coffee beans...
caffecel coffee beans
caffecel coffee rewards beans

We have introduced a new range of coffee beans to add to our already extensive range.

One unique thing about our Caffecel range is our rewards system, meaning every time you purchase coffee beans, you earn "rewards beans" which you can then exchange for a whole host of useful things including;

  • China Cups & Saucers
  • Aprons
  • Serving Trays
  • Sugar Sticks

...but also...

  • Barista Training Courses
  • Espresso Machine Group Seal Changes
  • Espresso Machines Front-End Service

...and many more things besides.... !

Links summary...

Contact Qualitasse for coffee machines and coffee supplies, in Hampshire and the south of the UK
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