The 8000S is the premium bean-to-cup machine, while the design harmonises with every other machine in the range.

The large interface ensures that man and machine get on from the word go – from the very first point of contact and superior quality coffee performance is further ensured by the high performance brewer and grinder. The 8000 makes perfect coffee because it is perfect !

  • Up to 3500 cups per day
  • up to 1.2Kg hopper capacity (each)
  • 3.4-3.8kW
  • 390mm(w) x 744mm (h) x 598mm(d)
WMF 8000 bean to cup machine

Key features

Active Milk System

Hot and cold milk and milk foam beverages prepared fully automatically.

Cup lift

Regular coffee and espresso cups or latte macchiato glasses automatically raised to the optimum pouring height.

Hot water (three tea-making temperatures)

The flavour of any tea comes intensively into its own, as does its aroma thanks to perfectly matched temperatures.

Light rings

Chic in look, they ease your daily workload. A light flashes e.g. when the coffee bean hopper needs refilling.

Up to four large, removable, lockable product hoppers

They enable the use of a wide range of products. Being dishwasher-proof means they are easy to clean.


Robust components compounding the heavy-duty brewer and heavy-duty grinders ensure a long service life an peak performance.

A bright idea:

The new signal function of the WMF 8000 S. The optional illuminated rings around the product holder not only look chic, but they also make your day-to-day work with the WMF 8000 S easier. For example, if a bean hopper has to be filled, the rings flash in a signal colour, if required, or they change colour to warn you about this. This means that you and your staff always know immediately when you need to take action.

It's all about timing:

The WMF 8000 S as a "time machine". The new timer function means that you can choose suitable times at which you want to switch the WMF 8000 S on and off, and you can even activate and deactivate individual functions and drinks. This means that you can, for example, set the machine so that fresh milk is used for any drinks made before 6 p.m., but any drinks made after this time are made with topping powder, which makes the machine much easier to clean. Or you can have the machine switch to self-service at a specific time – the possibilities are endless.

An uplifting experience:

The "cup lift" on the WMF 8000 S. On request, the WMF 8000 S can also come with a new fully automatic cup tray. This "cup lift" automatically raises coffee and Espresso cups or Latte Macchiato glasses to the ideal height for pouring. A practical and convenient feature – especially in self-service mode! Of course, the WMF 8000 S is also available with a manual cup lift.

It's quite simple:

The MMI touch display on the WMF 8000 S. These days, many technical appliances can do more than their owners think they can. Unfortunately, operating these appliances is often so complicated that many options are rarely used or are not used at all. With its revolutionary "Man Machine Interface", the WMF 8000 S guarantees that all functions are simple to understand and use in an instant. This means that no effort is required for you to set the perfect

coffee quality or change the lighting, or for your guests to use the machine in self-service mode.


8000 S – colours to match your mood

The lighting of the side components and the bean hopper on the WMF 8000 S is intuitively controlled using a colour scale. Infinite nuances just set the right tone for any ambience or mood

A »cool« solution for milk and cups

Chilled milk and warmed cups are simply indispensable. Both of these must-haves are attractively and smartly packed into our new Cup&Cool, which has been designed to be compatible with the WMF 8000 S.

We also value what's on the inside

Solid components (such as the die-forged base frame) guarantee a long service life, even for the brewer, which is the heart of the machine.

Breaking new ground

You can barely hear it, but you can definitely taste the difference. The new high-performance grinders come with extremely fine adjustment and are quiet and fast, but also robust and durable.

Simple milk and milk foam settings

The temperature of the milk is crucial for the quality of the milk foam. The WMF 8000 S helps you to ensure that the temperature of the milk is kept constant and to thus ensure that the quality of the milk foam remains consistently high. An optional sensor in the cooler monitors the temperature of the milk and shows this as a graphic in the display. If the sensor issues the message "Milk too warm", the electronic pinch valve automatically adjusts the milk feed. As an option, certain types of drinks can even be blocked until the milk is cool enough again. This guarantees that your drink is always of the highest quality – especially cold milk drinks and cold foamy drinks.

Bacteria don't stand a chance

The patented Plug+Clean milk cleaning system effortlessly cleans all of the parts which are in contact with milk, while still fully complying with the HACCP.

Advertising that is happily received

While selecting their drink, the owner can take advantage of the user's increased attention in the self-service area by displaying successfully advertisements

Mixing the perfect milk drink

In the Active Milk version, the machine automatically prepares milk drinks and foamy milk drinks, whether hot or cold.

Remote access to your data

Using Remote Data Access, you can call up important information from anywhere and at any time, as you require. If you have several machines, this provides you with more transparency and helps to have an overview of everything.

Whether small, medium or large – we can fill any mug

For example: Do you work in the "coffee-to-go" sector and use different sized coffee mugs? The practical Small-Medium-Large (SML) function will help you to easily assign predefined mug or cup sizes to each required drink.

Why another instruction manual?

The touch display uses text and images to inform the user about the current operation and about tasks that are to be carried out – for example, it informs the user that the ground hoppers need to be emptied.

Delicious Milk Choc and Chociatto

With lots of fresh milk at your fingertips, you can create almost any chocolate or coffee drink.

The rinse function on the WMF 8000 S is in a league of its own

To automatically clean the machine, use the display to activate the practical manual insert option. Simply insert a tablet and the cleaning cycle begins.

The manual filling option is also outstanding

Simply select the option in the display and the automatic filling function is switched off. This means that you can offer other varieties of coffee, such as decaffeinated, if you need to.

Take a load off

All four product hoppers can be removed using the central locking system. The coffee bean hoppers are even suitable for cleaning in the dishwasher, which is practical and makes cleaning the machine a lot easier.

The perfect temperature for perfect tea

In addition to the brewing time and water quality, a perfectly adjusted temperature is crucial for the release of the full tea aroma. Three presettable hot water temperatures mean that you can get the fullest taste from any type of tea.

Self-service has never been so easy

In just a few small steps, the WMF 8000 S becomes a self-service specialist: Switch from a double cup dispenser to single cup dispenser, extend the hot water dispenser and make your selection on the "single line" display – done! For those who like convenience, there is also the fully automatic "cup lift".

You can count on us

Whether you work with coins, tokens or cards, the WMF 8000 S can handle anything. When combined with a coin changer, token checker or card reader (all are sold separately), the WMF 8000 S becomes a completely independent coffee-vending machine.

Reaching new heights

Thanks to the raised base frame, the area under the WMF 8000 S can be cleaned effortlessly. If you want to have even more space for this (under the additional equipment too), the 10 cm high "feet" (which are sold separately) easily provide even more "leg room

Fine tuning for high performance

The timings of numerous processes have been optimised on the WMF 8000 S. Innovations, such as new high-performance grinders, have made it possible to significantly reduce downtimes. When it comes to performance, this means that the WMF 8000 S is yet again a trend-setter.

More than enough space

With heights of up to 195 mm under the coffee dispenser and 220 mm under the hot water dispenser, large containers can also be filled. This means that you can make a whole pot of coffee for breakfast or in an office.

"Barista-style" milk foam and extra-hot milk

You decide how to prepare the milk foam or hot milk for your guests: Quickly and at the touch of a button; or the classic method using Auto Steam (fully automatic steam valve) or Easy Steam. The WMF 8000 S offers you everything you need.

Get a taste for exceptional quality

The perfect coffee taste is based on levels of quality that have been clearly defined as a result of a long series of tests for each individual drink. In addition to this, the quantity of ground coffee, the volume of water and the water temperature can be set for each drink. You can even choose to mix together all of the coffee varieties from the three bean hoppers.

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