CAPRICCIO Vitale espresso coffee in a compact footprint

CAPRICCIO Vitale bean-to-cup machine
The Vitale is an easy to maintain, elegant, compact and intuitive bean-to-cup machine for the office, bar and restaurant.

CAPRICCIO Vitro high pressure espresso technology

CAPRICCIO Vitro bean-to-cup machine
4 canister espresso bean-to-cup system with true espresso straight from the bean along with milk, chocolate and tea options

WMF 1200S awaiting title

WMF 1200 bean-to-cup machine
  • Up to 100 cups per day
  • 6 drink options
  • 500g hopper capacity (each)
  • 2.2kW
  • Adjustable head: 59-169mm
  • 0.4l steam boiler
  • 324mm(w) x 556mm(h) x 554mm(d)

WMF 1500 awaiting title

WMF 1500 bean-to-cup machine
  • Up to 180 cups per day
  • 8x2 drink options
  • 650g hopper capacity (each)
  • 2.75-3.5kW
  • 24 litres per hour hot water output
  • 1.2l steam boiler
  • 325mm(w) x 675mm (h) x 590mm(d)

WMF 8000 simply brilliant

WMF 8000 bean-to-cup machine
  • Up to 350 cups per day
  • 1100g hopper capacity (each)
  • 3.4-3.8kW
  • 24 litres per hour hot water output
  • 390mm(w) x 744mm (h) x 598mm(d)
  • NB: several configurations available

Second-hand and Refurbished Bean-to-Cup Machines

From time-to-time we have customers who upgrade their machines and we take their equipment in part-exchange.


WMF 1500S

This machine belongs to one of our customers who used the machine for just a year. When a second larger machine was purchased, this one was kept as a spare but has not needed so it makes sense to put it up for sale.

When new this machine with matching milk fridge and filter is £7115 + vat (£8538 inc vat). Our customer is offering the machine at ONLY £2000+vat.

The machine is sold in full working order and can be tried and tested here in Hampshire (Basingstoke). Payment will be made direct to the owner, not Qualitasse, but in the first instance please contact us if you are interested.

Review our new WMF 1500S bean-to-cup machine here

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