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Kinto - Coffeeware

900ml Pour Over Kettle 900ml Pour Over Kettle (3 options)

900ml Pour Over Kettle
Beautiful kettle designed for a stress free and comfortable experience, the Kinto pour over kettle has a spout shaped for precise pour control, a hinged lid for fluid movement and a handle shaped for ...
Options: Mirror/Matt/Black

Carat Dripper & Pot Carat Dripper & Pot (2 options)

Carat Dripper & Pot
This elegant dripper and pot set includes a glass pot, dripper and lid, as well as a stainless steel filter, filter holder and a silicone ring. The permanent stainless steel filter ensures a rich and ...
Options: Complete Set/Dripper Only

Faro Dripper & Pot Faro Dripper & Pot

Faro Dripper & Pot
Dripper and pot set with classic white aesthetic and porcelain build. The stainless steel filter has 2 measuring lines to display water and coffee bean limit for simple measuring. The lid doubles as a...
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