CIOCCO Luxury Hot Chocolate

A Simple Guide to making CIOCCO Luxury Hot Chocolate

Our CIOCCO Luxury Hot Chocolate is best made by adding it to a jug of cold milk and steaming until everything is fully dissolved and has increased in volume by around 25%.

Measures depend on the size of the cup and the final product strength and texture required.

By increasing the ratio of chocolate to milk, and also steaming for longer, the chocolate becomes thicker. Conversely, less chocolate and more milk will make the drink thinner and less rich.

Because of the potential for these inconsistencies, we have a simple formula for making this premium CIOCCO Luxury Hot Chocolate...

Please follow these instructions using 12oz cup (takeaway or china)...

  • Put three quarters of a cup (9oz) of cold milk into a frothing jug and then add one HEAPED scoop of CIOCCO Chocolate Powder making sure you use the correct 25g scoop.
  • Steam the milk, making sure you move the steam wand around the jug, until the powder dissolves and the mixture thickens and increases in volume.
  • Switch off the steamer (wiping it clean) and serve the drink.

CIOCCO is amazing in Mochas, fantastic in a Frappe, and when you add some syrups, like Winter Spice, or Peanut Butter, the world of hot chocolate really opens up and gets the taste buds going !

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