troubleshooting for espresso machines

Here is a basic overview of some things to look for - but if your are in any doubt or if you get stuck - feel free to give us a call...


Probable Causes

Possible Solutions

No power to machine

Poor connection

Damaged plug / wiring

Machine switched off

Check Plug.

Check power button is in correct position – switched to 1 if it’s a La Scala and switched to 2 if it’s a Fiamma.

Coffee will not come out of group head

Shower heads are blocked / dirty

Grind is too fine

Group head is scaled up

Backwash machine.

Adjust grinder to a coarser setting.

Coffee is coming out too slowly (poor extraction)

Too much coffee in group handle

Single shot basket is in double shot group handle

Lack of water pressure

Grind is too fine

Machine has not been cleaned / group head blocked

Check only two pulls of the grinder have been put in group handle.

Check the right basket is in the group handle.

Adjust grinder to a coarser setting.

Back-wash machine.

Coffee is coming out too quickly

(poor extraction)

Coffee grind is too coarse

Not enough coffee in group handle

Water pressure too high

Adjust grinder to make coffee finer.

Check that two pulls of the grinder have been put into the group handle.

Coffee leaks from Group head

Worn rubber seal

Group head blocked / machine not cleaned

Damaged basket in group handle

Call Qualitasse for a service visit (may be chargeable).

Back-wash machine.

Replace basket.

Water leaking from under the machine

Waste pipe blocked or broken

Waste pipe has come loose

Clean out waste box located under drip tray making sure that water is flowing down to the pipe.

Check the waste pipe does not have a kink in it.

Check the pipe is still attached to the waste box under the drip tray.

No hot water or steam coming from machine

Machine has not warmed up yet

Either steam wand or hot water nozzle is blocked

Machine is not on correct setting

If machine has been switched off, allow up to 45 minutes to heat up completely.

Clean steam wand checking it’s not blocked with milk.

Check the hot water nozzle doesn’t have scale blocking it.

Check power switch is set to 2 (if Fiamma) and 1 (if La Scala).

Call Qualitasse.

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