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In the south of the UK, the mains water is very hard which causes limescale and damage to equipment, especially espresso machines.

Your warranty does not cover limescale damage and any service calls will be chargeable. In our water treatment units, in addition to the ion exchange resin (water softening) each unit incorporates a carbon core which also reduces the taste and odour effect of mains drinking water.

We provide a water treatment exchange programme every 6 months, which ensures the correct protection of your equipment. The water treatment unit needs to be chosen based on the throughput of mains water within any 6 month period and these volumes are measured at an incoming water quality value of 425 ppm degrees hardness, and above.

When we install your machine we will test the water hardness and suggest the maximum water throughput to help protect your equipment. You must ensure the CTU is changed before the scheduled date or before the water meter reaches the throughput limit, whichever is sooner.

CTU 5 Water Treatment Unit For low volume

Water treatment Units for Coffee Machines and Espresso Machines


For low volume / 1250 litres per 6 months

CTU 10 Water Treatment Unit For medium volume

Water treatment Units for Coffee Machines and Espresso Machines

CTU 10

For low volume / 2500 litres per 6 months

CTU 18 Water Treatment Unit For high volume

Water treatment Units for Coffee Machines and Espresso Machines

CTU 18

For low volume / 4000 litres per 6 months

Our CTU systems utilise a food grade ion exchange media and a 5 micron carbon block final filter. This combination meets the highest standards for the taste and odour requirements for food and potable water applications. In hard water areas a CTU is essential to help minimise costly service bills and to help minimise machine break downs.

Even a thin layer of scale can seriously reduce your equipment's efficiency and affect the coffee taste. Scale acts as an insulator, requiring the boiler to work harder to boil water. This costs more money to run and ultimately leads to machine failure and costly repair bills.

Some effects of a scaled water boiler...

  • More power consumption
  • Lower water temperature
  • Sticking valves
  • Water leaks
  • More stress
  • Business interruption
  • Big bills

What a water treatment unit can do for you...

  • Reduce scale deposits
  • Reduce chlorine
  • Reduce metallic contamination
  • Reduce organic contamination
  • Improve equipment efficiency
  • Improve product quality
  • Optimise taste
  • Minimise repair bills
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